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April 3, 2018


Using innovative, do-it-yourself hacks, healthcare consumers are creating solutions to help manage their diabetes.

by Sonya Collins
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Genome Culture: The Killer App

Welcome to the future, because you can’t say no to catching a serial killer.

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Mind Over Matter

Researchers are discovering connections between psychological well-being and immunity.

by Heather Millar•April 3, 2018

Q&A with David Reich

The Harvard geneticist talks about the disruptive effects of ancient DNA.

by Katherine Lagomarsino•April 3, 2018
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Record Growth

Health information technology’s growing pains frustrate many, but others remain optimistic that electronic health records can be made more useful.

by Katy Human•April 3, 2018


In With the New
Benjamin Helm

In With the New

Genetic counselors can help families communicate genetic risk.



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