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January 2, 2018

Do You Belong to You?

A recent court case grapples with whether we own our own DNA and the information it contains. The answer has implications for research, privacy, commerce, and how we live our lives.

by Misha Angrist

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Mind Games

Do digital brain-training games halt cognitive decline?

by Maureen Salamon•January 2, 2018
Book Review

Not That Far From the Tree

Adam Rutherford’s A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived shows just how interrelated humans really are.

by Kevin Davies•January 2, 2018

New Routine

Should all women be screened for BRCA?

by Sonya Collins•January 2, 2018
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Are Antibiotics
Making Us Fat?

The microbes we’re missing may play a role in America’s weight problem and in other diseases of modern life.

by Kendall K. Morgan•July 6, 2015
Deep Dive

Common Thread

Celiac disease’s shared genetics and biology with other autoimmune disorders may lead the way to more treatments for all.

by Katy Human•April 5, 2016


23andMe and Your Genetic Status
Lauren Arcuri

23andMe and Your Genetic Status

Discovering that you or your child may have a rare genetic disorder through a direct-to-consumer genetic test can be empowering.

In A Word
Robert Resta

In A Word

A reflection on our defective terminology when it comes to discussing disabilities.


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Alternate Target

While the medical community has long focused on lowering cholesterol to prevent heart attacks and stroke, a novel drug now zeroes in on inflammation.


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Seeing Into the Future

The first gene therapy for hereditary blindness is close to approval.

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Big Data Meets Big Doo-doo

Stool transplant registry will be the largest data set of long-term outcomes.

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