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Ambry Genetics to Donate $125,000 in Breast Cancer Testing Vouchers in Surf Video Contest

By John Lugo featured image

Ambry Genetics will donate $125,000 in hereditary breast cancer testing vouchers to 16 cancer center/clinic foundations as part of its Battle for the Breasts campaign.

Along with the Mauli Ola Foundation and Surfline, Ambry Genetics has developed an online surf video contest to help promote breast cancer awareness. In a lottery to be held in September at the National Society of Genetic Counselors annual meeting in New Orleans, 16 cancer centers will be randomly selected to be in the contest and then paired with 16 of the top women surfers in the sport.

“The goal here is to educate a younger generation about the importance of early detection,” says Hans Hagen, executive director of the Mauli Ola Foundation. “It’s my belief that women’s surfing, with their colorful personalities, rising performance level’s, connection to nature, and growing fan base, makes for the perfect voice.”

Women surfers from the Association of Surfing Professionals will represent the foundations in the competition. The top four surfers will win genetic testing vouchers for their foundation partner, with the overall winner receiving $50,000 worth of testing vouchers. The other 12 foundations will receive a voucher for a comprehensive BRCA1 and BRCA2 analysis. The vouchers will be used for women who may not be able to afford genetic testing or do not know what options are available.

Surf video entries will be accepted starting July 10 and ending September 18, the day of the lottery. Voting will take place during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 1-28. Foundation registration can be found at this link.

The Mauli Ola Foundation promotes education and awareness of genetic disease and research while also introducing surfing as a natural treatment for those with cystic fibrosis. Surfline is a news and information outlet for the surfing community.