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The Social Genomics Project Wants Your Opinion

By Rhonda Reinhart featured image When researchers at the National Human Genome Research Institute asked people, “What do you hope scientists discover about human health and medicine using genomics?” this is what they said. Courtesy of NHGRI

Genetics and genomics are in the news every day. A new gene discovery here, a new gene study there. But what does that news mean for you and your family? Researchers, of course, don’t have all the answers, but they’re looking. And now you have a chance to lend a hand.

By participating in surveys from the Social Genomics Project, you can help scientists at the National Human Genome Research Institute figure out how the study of genomics affects you. They are looking at the “social and psychological factors that help turn genomic discoveries into better health,” and they want to know what you think about the connections among genomics, behavior, health, identity, and society.

What if your genes could predict your weight? Will genome sequence information change how you view yourself? These questions, among many others, are what the surveys hope to answer. Go here to voice your opinion. I already did.