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Apple Watch to Include New Health, Fitness Tracker

By John Lugo featured image
Photo courtesy of Apple

As part of Apple’s presentation today that introduced the iPhone 6 models and Apple Pay, the company also unveiled the Apple Watch, which features a new health and fitness tracker.

The tracker’s features include an accelerometer, a heart-rate monitor, an Activity app that tracks your motion, and a Workout app that tracks your goals and workout history.

The Activity app shows how much the user has been in motion for the day, counts calories burned, and details distance traveled. The Workout app can also personalize workout tracking by specifying the type of exercise for comparison and progress. The watch itself also has a feature that allows users to share one’s heart rate with others.

Some features will require an iPhone 5 or newer model to function. The watch will be available in early 2015 and is priced at $349.