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NASA Video Series about Omics

By Katherine Lagomarsino featured image Illustration by Mario Wagner

If binge watching is on your list of things to do this Memorial Day weekend, try catching up on NASA’s video series Omics: Exploring Space Through You. This series of what will be eight videos (at roughly four minutes each) features the Twins Study, an initiative launched by their Human Research Program that explores the effects of space travel on the human body. As you may recall, astronaut Scott Kelly spent nearly one full year in space (340 days), while his twin brother, Mark (also an astronaut) remained earthbound.

“Comparing nearly identical genomes, with one twin on a defined diet, strict exercise regime, scripted daily work schedule, and facing space stressors, and the other twin on Earth engaged in normal life, allows researchers to focus on the effect of the integrated spaceflight environment at a molecular level,” explains NASA on its website.

Six videos have already been released, with two more to come. Happy watching!