• Laura Beil

  • Minor Operations

    April 3, 2018

    As a teenager, Christal Shiller joined the softball team at her high school in Columbus, Ohio. Before long, she noticed she was remarkably out of… Continue Reading »

  • Personal Foul?

    July 5, 2017

    In the summer of 2005, Curtis Lofton was an incoming senior at Kingfisher High School in central Oklahoma and a star linebacker on the Yellowjackets… Continue Reading »

  • Hide and Seek

    January 9, 2017

    Starr Gibson wasn’t interested in using her DNA for health guidance when she sent off her saliva sample in 2013. As a genealogy blogger, she… Continue Reading »

  • Keeping Track of Your Medical Records

    September 29, 2016

    When Morgan Gleason was 10 years old, tiny red bumps inexplicably appeared on the tops of her elbows. Over the next few months, the same… Continue Reading »

  • Private Matters

    June 23, 2016

    When James Watson, the famed Nobel laureate, decided to make his genome public, he had one condition: He was willing to share his genetic blueprint,… Continue Reading »

  • Navigating Clinical Trials

    September 30, 2015

    One winter night in 2012, Heather Caro was getting ready for bed when she noticed a pea-sized growth under her right armpit. The 32-year-old ICU… Continue Reading »

  • On a Fast Track

    June 29, 2015

    By most appearances, Eliana Lewis was a healthy baby girl at her birth on December 31, 2013. She arrived a month early at North Kansas… Continue Reading »